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Students starting Year 12 can apply for a free Integral account to access mathematics resources to support their transition to further study.

If you are starting A levels or other level 3 courses with mathematical content (e.g. Psychology, Geography, Biology), our Core Maths Skills course will help you to consolidate GCSE Mathematics techniques in contexts that support effective transition to your new studies.

If you are starting A level Mathematics, our Transition to A level Mathematics course will help you to develop fluency in the techniques you will need, and to think about the key mathematical concepts that underpin A level Mathematics.

Both courses are available now: you can dip into both, or just focus on the one that is appropriate for you.

Please note: accounts are intended for students only. Courses have been designed to support students who are starting Year 12. If you are a teacher and you would like to view these resources, then you can access them using the free departmental account provided when you register with the Advanced Maths Support Programme.

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